Dr. A.D. Carson published by Scalawag Magazine

Dr. A.D. Carson, assistant professor of Hip-Hop in the Department of Music at the University of Virginia, had an essay published by Scalawag Magazine recently.

The essay is titled, “Beyond a Better Hell/Talking to Ghosts: A Mix-up/e/ssay.” This¬†hybrid essay¬†brings together the mixtape and personal and scholarly essay. The project is composed with prose, lyrics, music, repurposed film, and news clips. Reading and listening to the entire project is recommended, with no recommendation for which you should do first.

Scalawag Magazine describes the essay as such: “History is a groove according to hip-hop scholar A.D. Carson. But when the soundtrack of Black grief continues to be remixed and sampled without meaningful change, Black folks are forced to compare this current hell to the last one.”

One part of the essay reads, “Looking back, I’m not so sure either of the individual tragedies in isolation would resonate the way they do collectively. But grief builds like a soundtrack; it plays and plays.”

Be sure to read the highly innovative essay here.


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