Global Rhetorical Traditions, Forthcoming Parlor Press Publication

Global Rhetorical Traditions (edited by Hui Wu and Tarez Graban) is expected to be published by Parlor Press in 2022. Twenty-eight multilingual scholars contributed to this anthology, and the editors are thankful for all the wonderful contributions.

Global Rhetorical Traditions is unique in design and scope. It presents, as accessibly as
possible, translated primary sources on global rhetorical instruction and practices of Asia, Africa, the Near East, the Middle East, Polynesia, and precolonial Europe. Each of the book’s chapters represents a different rhetorical region and includes a prefatory introduction, critical commentary, translated primary sources, a glossary of rhetorical terms, and a comprehensive bibliography.

The general introduction helps contextualize the project, justify its organization and coverage, and draw attention to the various features, characteristics, and/or philosophies of the rhetorics included in the book. The book’s significance lies in its contributions to both studying and teaching global rhetorical traditions by offering representative research methods and primary sources in a single book. It can be read as scholarship, as reference, and as textbook.

For more information or to purchase the book, visit the Parlor Press website here.

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