Dr. Victoria Houser Awarded Inaugural Victor J. Vitanza Outstanding Dissertation Award for 2021

The first annual Victor J. Vitanza Outstanding Dissertation Award was awarded to Dr. Victoria Houser in May 2022 for her 2021 dissertation. Dr. Cynthia Haynes presented the award to Dr. Houser.

During this presentation, Dr. Haynes said, “Your presentation was amazing. Your research is amazing. This is the end of her first year at Methodist University as an assistant professor.”

The award is co-sponsored by Tony Vitanza and the RCID program.

“I just wanted to say, what an honor it is for Victor to be able to give this to Victoria,” Tony said during the ceremony. “And how grateful and pleased we were to hear about it from Cynthia. And so grateful that you [Cynthia] have begun this.”

The award was created to honor Victor Vitanza, who founded the RCID program.

“This is the first of many that will come. This is something special,” Cynthia added.

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