RCID at the Feminisms and Rhetorics 2023 Deconference in Atlanta, Georgia!


Many RCID Feminist Scholars presented at the Feminisms and Rhetorics Deconference in Atlanta, Georgia, this past weekend from September 30th-October 3rd!

The theme of this year’s conference was Feminisms And Reckonings: Interrogating Histories and Harms, Implementing Restorative Practices.

RCID faculty member Dr. Michelle Smith (Clemson University) presented on a panel with Jean Bessette, University of Vermont; Courtney Rivard, University of North Carolina; and Gesa Kirsch, Soka University of America. Their panel was titled “The Gendered Archives: A Reckoning.”

RCID Alumnae Dr. Hannah Taylor (Duke University) presented on a roundtable with Alexis Walston, University of Maryland; Erin Green, University of Maryland; Carolyn Robbins, University of Maryland; and Dr. Rachel Molko (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Their roundtable was titled: “Feminist Mentorship by Grad Students, for Grad Students,” where they collaborated with their audience on what mentorship looks like in their respective graduate programs and what feminists can do to bolster a more equitable and productive mentoring environment. 

RCID student Jessie Reynolds-Clay, RCID Candidate Haley Swartz and RCID Alumnae Dr. Hannah Taylor (Duke University) presented on a panel together titled: “mHealth, TERFs, and Doulaship: A Discussion of Feminist Health Rhetorics.” Their panel analyzed gendered approaches to health and medicine, complicating ideas of embodiment, identity, and ability across a range of health-related topics. Jessie’s presentation was titled: Terf Narratives: Digital Communities and Questions of Womanhood,” Haley’s presentation was titled: “Vigilance Through Femtech: ​Self-Care Literacies in Mhealth Apps,”and Hannah’s was titled: “Digital Doulaship: Online Endometriosis Communities and Pathways to Care.”

RCID Alumnae Dr. Sarah Cooper (Clemson University) presented on a panel titled: “Designing Queer and Feminist Interventions for Curricula,” specifically focusing on what it was like to teach a class on lesbian identity in her presentation titled: “I Taught a Class on Lesbian Identity and Here’s What Happened.”

RCID student Holland Turner presented on a panel with Devon Bradley, University of Texas at San Antonio; and Marion Wolfe, Case Western Reserve University titled: “Critiquing Film and Visual Storytelling for Justice.” Holland’s presentation was titled: “The Unreliable Narrator and Alterity: Drawing Parallels between the Host/Guest and Prescriber/Patient Relationships.” 

RCID student, Gabrielle Wilkosz held a workshop titled, “Alienation and Alterity: Encountering Otherization in Theory and Art”, and presented on a panel with Andrew Fiss, Michigan Technological University; and Meg Marquardt, Mississippi State University titled: “Gender and Power in Science.” Gabrielle’s presentation on the panel was titled: “The Scully Effect Twenty-five Years Later: How Has the Alienation of Women in STEM Fields Shifted, If at All? Rhetorical Studies Might Have Answers”

RCID faculty member Dr. Megan Eatman presented on a panel with Dr. Angela Morris, University of California, Davis; and Dr. Olivia Rowland, The Ohio State University, titled: “Antiracist, Feminist Examinations of First-Year Writing and Writing Program Administration Work.” Dr. Eatman’s presentation on the panel was titled: “The Limits of Care.”

RCID Alumnae’s Dr. Victoria Houser (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Mari Ramler (Tennessee Technological University) presented on a panel with Rebecca Wolfe, University of California San Francisco titled: “Spiritual Harm: Feminist Rhetorics at the Intersection of Bodies and Beliefs.”

We are so proud of the representation from RCID! 

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