Lane Riggs and Dr. Hannah Taylor Published in Peitho!

Lane Riggs and Dr. Hannah Taylor were recently published in Peitho: Journal of the Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition, Volume 25 Issue 3, Spring 2023.

Click each photo below to see their work! 

Abstract: Which rhetorics are collective? What documents count as evidence worthy of an archival collection? How do we speak for women rhetors without violating their narratives? These questions are considered in Ethics and Representation in Feminist Rhetorical Inquiry. This collection considers feminist archival research and its representation of (selective) histories and rhetorics by drawing on previous scholarship, studying ignored rhetors, and questioning issues of access across geography, time, and space. To do so, the authors advised researchers “rescue, recover, and reinscribe” women’s rhetorical work, especially rhetorical work done by women who have been historically and repeatedly dismissed by archivists and researchers.


Abstract: This article considers ethical decision making and privacy for a visual social media landscape and poses important questions for Internet researchers to consider before and during the research process. This author models self-reflective research practices by looking back on their own research practices in regard to two image-based social media projects: the online conference Braving Body Shame and the sexual health education Instagram page The Vulva Gallery.


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