Louisiana State University to host 6th Annual Languages and Literatures conference

Louisiana State University is set to host the 6th Annual Languages and Literatures Conference virtually from March 9-11, 2023. The theme is “Conflict: Global Perspectives.” The conference asks participants to consider the relationship between literature and language and conflict and, more importantly, how literature and language ‘do’ conflict, how they complicate and are complicated by notions and irreconcilabilities of gender, class, race, mood, emotion, genre, and aesthetics. 

Presentations treating conflicted/conflicting narrative, visual, and cinematic representations of unraveling communities, relationships, and environments are especially welcome. The conference hosts will gladly consider presentations in Spanish, Italian, English, French, and German. If you submit an abstract in a language other than English, please attach an English-language translation of this abstract.

The conference welcomes abstract submissions of 250 words for 15-20-minute presentations (8-10 typed pages, double-spaced) by Dec. 1, 2022.

Please submit abstract and brief bio to cpltfrenconf@lsu.edu.

They also encourage and welcome submissions on: 
Ancient studies
Comparative and/or World Literature
Asian studies
Hispanic studies
French studies
Lusophone studies
Caribbean studies
African studies
African American studies
Political Science
Film studies
Psychology and literature
Arabic studies
Art history
Trauma studies
Interdisciplinary methodologies
Nineteenth Century
Victorian studies
Reception theory
Indigenous studies
Literatures of the Americas
Exilic writing

Undergraduate students may apply to the general undergraduate CFP. 

Following the conference, participants may submit their paper for consideration for publication in
the Tête-a-tête conference proceedings.

Vol. 3 of LSU’s Comparative Woman Journal, to be published in 2023, will also accept nominations for
the Best Essay Prize. The award will include publication in the volume and a certificate. 

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