Dr. Jacob Richter presents at SIGDOC 2022

Dr. Jacob Richter, and Daniel Liddle, Victoria Braegger, Allison Durazzi, Yoonji Kim, Elena Kalodner-Martin co-wrote a proceeding at SIGDOC 2022. This proceeding was titled: “Channeling Experience: Reflections on Developing a Technical Communication YouTube Channel.” The proceeding is about their YouTube channel, More Than Memos. 

The proceeding’s abstract is: “This experience report shares reflections and observations from launching a YouTube channel dedicated to broadcasting research in technical and professional communication to a wide public audience. Authors note the importance and potential for such work to amplify scholars from marginalized communities, to publicly showcase the value of TPC scholarship, and to reach new non-academic audiences with TPC research. The authors also note the challenges of such work, describing the difficulty of developing a content strategy for public academic work on YouTube beyond the role already fulfilled by podcasts.” 
The article is available for free download this week from the ACM Digital Library. You can find the article here
The More Than Memos YouTube channel can be found here
Liddle teaches at Western Kentucky University; Braeggar works at Purdue University; Durazzi, Iowa State University; Kim, George Mason University; and Kalodner-Martin, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dr. Richter is a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 



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