RCID’s Presence at Carolina Rhetoric Conference and CRDM Conference

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Three RCID students traveled to North Carolina State University in Raleigh to present their research at the annual Carolina Rhetoric Conference (CRC). First-year students Stephen Quigley, April O’Brien, and Eric Stephens enjoyed the opportunity to meet other graduate students and network with various scholars in the field of rhetoric and composition.

April O’Brien started off the presentations on the opening day of the conference with her paper, “Ruptured Rhetorics: Decentering the One True Way,” which explored non-canonical historiographies of rhetoric. The next day, at the Research Network Forum, Eric Stephens shared his work-in-progress, “Social Justice in Technical Communication: Understanding the Ethical Implications in Roland Barthes’ Writing Degree Zero.” Later in the afternoon, Stephen Quigley presented his interactive work, “Mobile Apps as a Heuristic for Ritual” in NC State’s data visualization room.

Directly after CRC, NC State put on the CRDM Symposium that focused on “Critical Invention: Media, Invention, and Practice.” At that symposium, the three RCID students also shared their work. Eric presented “Priming Critical Invention with Technology and Social Justice in First Year Composition,” and April shared her film followed by a lightning talk entitled “The Ghosts of Pendleton: A Konsult for Change.” Stephen rounded off the presentations in the Student Research Showcase with his work, “The Electrate Grandma.”

The conference inspired, challenged, and informed these RCID students to continue their work in rhetoric and composition in new and exciting ways.

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