december delights

Our December s3s event, kindly hosted by the Collamatis, proved to be one of the best-attended and most-festive so far. Please see some of these facebook-based collections of pictures for evidence:
from Christina Hung
from Alicyn Butler
from me

As you’ve certainly heard enough from me, and asking Anthony to comment on his own event seemed a touch boorish, I’ve elicited commentary from other event-attendees. So, without further ado…

Alicia Hatter
If there was ever a “memorable moment” from this semester’s S3Ss, for me
it was the moment my number was called for the gift exchange. I approached
the glowing Christmas tree and cast my eyes over the variously shaped
gifts waiting to be unwrapped. My number was early in the sequence of 25
or so, so there were many packages left to choose from. I selected an
odd-shaped object with typical snowman wrapping paper. “Surely this is a
special thing,” I thought to myself, “For it’s not in a bag or a box.
Indeed, it’s got such a strange shape there’d be no normal box to fit it

I don’t know what I expected, other than fantastic-ness, when I tore into
the wrapping, but I can say that I did NOT expect to find myself in
possession of the item which I held somewhat incredulously in my hands: an
AM/FM clock radio. Circa 1990. Mr. Keith Morton had a sense of humor

Merry Christmas, clever gift exchange. I actually can’t wait until next
year to pick something from my own abode to re-gift. Much laughter and
mirth are surely to follow. 😀

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