SWIP sessions for the spring semester

There are four SWIP sessions scheduled for the spring semester. The sessions are as follows. Check your email for Zoom information!

  • DATE: Monday, Feb. 13th from 5PM – 6PM EST.
    • GUESTS: Oren Bruton, Technical Writing 
    • SUB: Tech Writing/Editing as a profession. Oren has also had a full-time lecturer position and will be able to speak on how to transfer to trade positions after working in a university. 
  • DATE: Monday, March. 6th from 9AM – 10AM EST.
    • GUESTS: Dr. Jordan Frith, Pearce Professor of Professional Communication 
    • SUB: Applying for tenured track positions 
  • DATE: Monday, April 3rd from 10AM – 11AM EST
    • GUESTS: Dr. Andrew Holinger, Writing Program Administrator/Coordinator  
    • SUB: WPA job responsibilities and WPA as theory  
  • DATE: Monday, May 1st from 9AM – 10AM EST
    • GUESTS: Students of RCID
    • SUB: This will be an hour of peer review for any students who would like feedback on their work.   

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