Dr. Eda Özyeşilpınar awarded Teaching Initiative Award for Early Career Faculty

Dr. Eda Özyeşilpınar was awarded the Teaching Initiative Award for Early Career Faculty for 2022 at Illinois State University. This is her third year teaching English at Illinois State University. 

Every year, ISU recognizes its most outstanding teachers through the Outstanding University Teacher Award program. By honoring such individuals, the university demonstrates its commitment to teaching excellence and to student learning.

This awards program embraces the view that the best teachers likely have a talent for teaching, but in addition have methodically and consistently worked over time to enhance their teaching knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The guidelines for nominations and for portfolio preparation reflect the UTC’s consensus on the importance of “mindful teaching,” which encompasses persistent, focused, and purposeful dedication to striving for excellence over time. This includes: learning about and applying effective instructional practices across a wide range of teaching activities, evaluating the effectiveness of those practices, and reflecting on personal values and professional experiences to shape future teaching practices.

Congratulations, Eda! 

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