Drs. Eda Özyeşilpınar and Diane Beltran published in collection Methods and Methodologies for Research in Digital Writing and Rhetoric

Drs. Diane Beltran and Eda Özyeşilpınar recently had their chapter, “Digital Story-Mapping” published in the collection Methods and Methodologies for Research in Digital Writing and Rhetoric: Centering Positionality in Computers and Writing Scholarship, Volumes 1 and 2.

Methods and Methodologies explores how researchers theorize, design, enact, reflect on, and revise digital writing research. The contributors to the two volumes of this edited collection explore how digital technologies can be used to solve problems, challenge the status quo, and address inequities. In some cases, they do so by using familiar digital technologies in novel ways. In other cases, they explain the use of relatively new or less familiar technologies such as digital mapping apps, Twitter bots, audio-visual captions, and computer programming code.

Volume 1 includes Sections 1 and 2, “The Journey and the Destination: Accessing Stories of Digital Writing Researchers and Memory and Documentation: Digital Archives and Multimodal Methods of Preservation.” Volume 2 includes Sections 3 and 4, “Ethics and Intangibles: Unique Challenges of Digital Research and Digital Tools for Understanding Discourse, Process, and Writing: Languaging Across Modalities.”

You can find the books at https://wac.colostate.edu/books/practice/positionality1/ and https://wac.colostate.edu/books/practice/positionality2/. Their chapter is in Volume 1.

Eda works as an Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Illinois State University; Diane works as part-time faculty at Providence College.

Congratulations, you two!

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