Haley Swartz and Dr. Michelle Smith published in Peitho

RCID student Haley Swartz and Dr. Michelle Smith were recently published in Peitho with their article “An Archival Analysis of the “Material Turn” of Feminist Rhetorics.” The article was published in Peitho Volume 24, Issue 4.

The abstract is as follows: “In narrating the story of feminist rhetorics, Michelle Smith highlights a shift from women’s rhetorics to rhetorics of gender, a shift that parallels the material turn in rhetorical studies. This essay revisits this narrative through an archival analysis of the Coalition’s Newsletter, seeking evidence of the shift and considering what the archival evidence indicates about what the narrative reveals or obscures.

The authors find that the shift from analyses of women’s rhetorics to rhetorical processes of gendering was evident, but that this increase in attention to material factors percolated from within the field of feminist rhetorics, following naturally from the awareness of positionality animating the Coalition’s mentoring and community building initiatives. Rather than pursuing any methodological goal in isolation, feminist scholars evade linear trajectories by perpetually pushing, playing, challenging, and reconsidering the moves and possibilities of feminist research and activism.”

You can read the article here

Congratulations, Haley and Dr. Smith! 

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