Jaquial Durham shows documentary “Southern Prison Culture” in McKissick Theater

Clemson native and first-year RCID student Jaquial Durham brings his documentary Southern Prison Culture back to his hometown and Clemson University. “Southern Prison Culture” uncovers the very real inhumane conditions within the walls of South Carolina’s prison institutions.

While Jaquial’s documentary is a docu-series, in the very first episode, he tried to reveal information that examines whether prisons should exist in this country as they are currently established. While examining prisons in the South, one finds significant human rights abuse and systemic violence.

The documentary was shown to an audience in the Hendrix building – McKissick Theater on Clemson’s campus on Friday, Sept. 10. Other RCID students showed up to celebrate Jaquial’s documentary.

The panel discussion included Dr. Walter Lee, Moderator; Jaquial; Tamra Simmons, Executive Producer; Timothy Durham; Tammy Standard; Lulu Cameron; Daryle Lamonica; David Anthony; and Chee Davis.

There was also a poetry performance by Air Smith, and a live painting by Phor.

“Great turnout and we had an amazing panel discussion,” Jaquial said about the event. “We will continue to push this documentary to bring awareness and exposure surrounding the prison system and mass incarceration.”


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