Lauren Mitchell Passes Exams

Congratulations to third-year RCID doctoral candidate and S3S vice president, Lauren Mitchell for passing her comprehensive/qualifying exams!  On Tuesday, March 13, in the beautiful new Lee Hall addition, Lauren delivered her “4th Exam” multi-modal presentation of her project, titled “TRANSITIONING URBANISMS: the fringing benefits of rhetoric in architecture.”

Lauren’s study draws on a provocative mixture of elements, including her architectural background, rhetorical theories of electrate invention, and her time in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Through her dissertation, Lauren will defend the claim for architecture that, “without balancing our 
emphasis on design as making form as well as making forms of knowledge, the field will progressively make less and less impact in public environments.” 

“Similarly,” Lauren contends, “without learning to speak to a wider audience, making engagements with fields that are already steeped in practices of making and designing objects, rhetoric scholars will continually miss out on productive bodily engagements capable of accelerating the expansion of the field.  It is specifically on the topic of invention within both rhetoric and architecture where the two can begin to enfold each other in mutually productive ways.”

To see photos of Lauren’s exam presentation, visit the RCID News Blog.

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