october s3s

Alas, in a terrible oversight, I never published anything about our terrific s3s event in October, hosted kindly by Donna Reiss and Art Young! This event was made particularly notable by the following:

  • an exciting tour of downtown Greenville (which I unfortunately missed as I somehow managed yet again to get lost. And yes, I did live in Greenville for a year. I have no explanation.)
  • the introduction of much family (the full Ward clan, including daughter, son, and daughter-in-law; Jason Helm’s mom Glee; Alicyn Butler’s mom; and, for the first time at an s3s, Gavin Hodgson)
  • numerous culinary delights (like Donna’s homemade hummus and apple cobbler. yum)
  • and some birthday cheer (ah, any chance to bring a bit of cheer and embarassment to another’s birthday…I’m there).

And now, without further ado, a brief photo montage of said city festivities:

Many thanks once again to Art and Donna!

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