Dr. Eda Özyeşilpınar published in edited special issue “Reconfiguring Dissettlement”

Dr. Eda Özyeşilpınar published in the themed issue “Reconfiguring Dissettlement: Fugitive Bodies in Fungible Places,” edited by Michael Lechuga and John Ackerman.

“Working on this article was a journey-lots of revisions and conversations I had with such amazing, brilliant, and supportive editors,” Eda said. “I am really proud of the work I did and I am proud of the entire issue. Such brilliant scholarship.”

Eda’s essay forms a relational connection between two artivist projects of transnational border intervention—the Aylan project, and the Border Tuner project. These projects created spatio-temporal disruptions and ruptures in the normative discourses about borders and im/migration by harnessing the rhetorical power of victim images. These artivist interventions offer ways to make visible the humanity of the migrant–refugee figure. They offer a potential response to the recent abolitionist telos conceptualized in rhetoric border(ing) studies.

The other essays of this issue will be open access for a period of time (6-8 weeks) so checkout the entire issue while you can.

Eda’s essay can be found here. The issue is here.

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