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Current Background Image (Composite)

Fröberg, Blondinrikard. “Avicenna – Ibn Sina.” Flickr. CC BY 2.0.

Masnavi Manavi Molavi, “Collection of poems of Molavi with a preface of Ostad Jalal-al-din Homaii.” WikiPedia. Public Domain.

McCintosh, Justin. “Poster of Edward Said.” Wikipedia. 2004. CC BY 2.0.




Blog Post Images

Anonymous. Pixabay. Public Domain. <>

Kooiman, Michael. “Pumpkins.” Wikipedia. Creative Commons. <>

Monika. “Goldener November.” Flickr. Creative Commons. <>

Haupt, Joe. “Dial Beam.” Wikipedia. Creative Commons. <,_Model_428,_5_Vacuum_Tubes,_Ivory_Plastic_Cabinet,_Circa_1955_(14129270081).jpg>

Fir0002. “Large Bonfire.” Wikipedia. <>



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