Octaviyanti Wahyurini (left) and Whitney Jordan Adams (middle) co-present "Technology and the Nearing of the Singularity: A New Pluralism?"

RCID @ Carolina Rhetoric Conference 2017

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RCID is always proud to participate in the annual Carolina Rhetoric Conference, held this year at the University of South Carolina. This year we were represented in Columbia by 10 students presenting on a variety of topics around the central theme of “Mapping Boundaries./Tracing Borders.”

  • Christopher Stuart— “Mapping the First-Year Composition Classroom: Habits, Outcomes, and Minecraft Education”
  • David Measel–“Foucault and the Mapping of Knowledge Spaces”
  • Whitney Jordan Adams and Octaviyanti Wahyurini— “Technology and the Nearing of the Singularity: A New Pluralism?
  • Diane Quaglia Beltran— “Transparent Maps: Orienting a Disorienting Space”
  • Joshua Herron— “Expanding Boundaries of Space and Place: A Mobile Composition Pedagogy”
  • April O’Brien— “erasing histories: a place-based argument for Ontological Dignity.”
  • Stephen Quiggley— “Integrating GIS as Space Place Rhetoric in the Composition Classroom”
  • Brian Gaines— “Drawing Sylllabi and Texting Notes: Crossing the Multimodal Border of Composition Pedagogy”
  • Dan Frank– “A Pedagogy of World-Building: The Value of the Platform in the Writng Classroom”
The full CRC 2017 schedule of presentations can be found here.

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