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RCID at Adobe Max 2016

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Four RCID students, Data Canlas, Brian Gaines, Daniel Frank, and April O’Brien, along with Dr. Jan Holmevik, traveled to Adobe Systems annual technology conference, Adobe Max, held this year in San Diego from November 1-4. In addition to the professional development these students received, they presented at Adobe’s education conference, Edu Max, as appointed Digital Creative Faculty in Clemson’s Center of Excellence in Next Generation Computing and Creativity.

“Conferences such as Max and Edu Max are great for RCID, because we not only are strengthening our skill sets, we are demonstrating the value of what a transdisciplinary program such as ours has to offer in both the Academy and industry,” said Gaines. The panel that presented at Edu Max featured topics such as Shared Affinity Spaces, New Media Writing, Exploring Multimodal Rhetoric, and Everyday Creativity. Erica Walker, a doctoral candidate in the School of Education, was also a member of the panel with her presentation on Digital Creation.

In addition to bringing attention to RCID and Clemson, these students were able to network with creative industry thought leaders, such as Jason Levine, A Worldwide Evangelist specializing in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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