John Jay Jacobs presents "Cross-Disciplinary & Multi-Modal Mayhem: Navigating Pedagogical and Administrative Narratives beyond Departmental Boundaries."

RCID @ Computers & Writing Conference 2016

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RCID brought games, technology, bodies, packaging, and social media to critical and electrate possibilities at Computers and Writing 2016, “Crossing Wires,” in Rochester, NY. 

In “Gaming the Writing Space: Transforming the Classroom through Play,” Daniel Frank, Sam Fuller, and Josh Wood showed how play can be used in and beyond the writing/composition classroom to inspire academic work, allowing teachers to better reach a diverse student population with lessons that inspire creativity, collaboration, and deep engagement.

In “Pedagogy Beyond Bodies and Boundaries,” Mari Ramler, John Jacobs, and April O’Brien grappled with student’s artifacts, works, and bodies and how they inform identity and pedagogy in the classroom.

John Jay Jacob’s poster on “Packaging Concepts” documented his experiments in having students consider the “medium as the message” by having them utilize actual packaging materials (plastics, corrugated board, etc.) and design software to “package” their messages.

And, in the “Rhetorics of Social Media,” Eric Stephens detailed his experiments with a rhetorical “Fight Club” by asking students to start a debate on the internet–to make a strong claim on a social media platform, discuss it, refute others, and, ultimately, to concede, in a pedagogy that draws from Ulmer’s work on technology and electracy.

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